Wednesday, November 28, 2012

“Shipping Greatness” by Chris Vander Mey; O’Reilly Media

Chris Vander Mey is a former Google product manager and Amazon engineering manager that has held multiple roles in small company startups. He has a Masters in Engineering Management from Dartmouth College and a BS in Aerospace Engineering from University of Virginia.

The Book has 13 chapters which are divided in two parts and three short appendices with further information including references for further reading.

Part one (chapters 1-7) is about the process to ship great Software and part two (chapters 8-13) is about the needed skills for any project leader.

It's target audience are managers of bigger companies. It explains the whole life cycle of a new Software product from the initial idea up to shipping the product.

In my opinion the reader should already have some knowledge about product management before reading this book.
Chris gives a lot of tips and examples from his own experience at Google and Amazon.

After all i think the Book is a bit to short to cover all the topics adequate.
I am not sure if like the book or not. I don’t like Chris writing style and IMHO he uses to many superlatives.

You can find more infos at the O’Reilly product page here.

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