Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Practical Anonymity by Peter Loshin, Syngress

The content of the book can be best described with the following statement from the author: „The subject of this book: how to connect to the Internet with the confidence that someone listening in to your connection won't be able to figure out what you are doing (or at least make it very difficult)“

This book is all about Tor. From why people use Tor, how to get Tor or Tails, how too use Tor, how it works and what you shouldn't do when you use Tor.

Peter doesn't go too much into details. I thinks it's just enough information to get an understanding how the reader can archive anonymity and what tools (and how) to use. The target audience are novice users who don't have much experience with Tor. He presents Links to websites with detailed information for the interested reader.

He explains how Tor works and how Tor can protect your anonymity. He describes the Tor Browser Bundle and Tails. Further he explains what Tor Relays and Tor hidden services are and how to step them up and configure them.

At the end of the book he shows how to use E-Mail anonymously (with Tor).

When you finished this book you know a lot about Tor. Certainly not all the details, but you have heard about it and the reader knows where he can get further information.

In my opinion this book is really good and is easy to read. I hope that many people will read the book and start using Tor.

You can find further information here.

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