Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cultivate Conference 2013: Complete Video Compilation: O'Reilly Media

The Cultivate Conference “ is a one-day event for leaders (and inspiring leaders) at technology companies to hear directly from successful tech founders and managers, learn from each other, and come away inspired to build companies that make a difference.” (

I found especially the talks from Tim O’Reilly, Scott Chacon and Patty McCord really inspiring. If you like books like “Team Geek” (By Brian W. Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-Sussman, O’Reilly), you will like these talks.

The Compilation includes 7 Talks and the Opening Remarks. All together the videos have a length of nearly 5 ½ hours. The quality of the Videos and the Tone is good. Sometimes the Camera is shaking a bit but that’s does not disturb much.

The Talks in detail:
How I Failed (40 minutes) - Tim O’Reilly (Founder of O’Reilly Media)
This talk is based on Tim O’Reillys article “How I failed”. Tim talks about 6 failures where O’Reilly failed as an organization in the past. This is a great talk.

Cracking the Culture Code (32 minutes) - Elain Wherry (Co-founder of Meebo)
Elain shows that culture is not just about free fruits and coffee in a company. She illustrates how important cultural thinking is. At the end of the talk Elain had some problems with her microphone which makes her sometimes hard to understand and I had to view this talk twice to really understand it (but it was definitely worth the time).

What *Do* You Do All Day? (38 minutes) - Kate Matsudaira (Popfroms)
Kate talks about leadership and how you can still lead effectively in flat organizations. This is a great and interesting talk.

How to Create a Culture of Shipping Product Continuously (39 minutes) - Hiten Shah (Founder and president of KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg)
From the description of the talk, Hiten should talk about how to create a culture of shipping without compromising your company values. But actually there is not much about shipping continuously in his talk. I didn’t get much out of this talk.

Leading from First Principles (46 minutes) - Scott Chacon (CIO of GitHub)
This talk is very interesting. You get some insights on how things are done at GitHub. The bottom line of this talk is that you should make decisions based on what you are trying to accomplish. Don’t just do things, because other companies have done them. I think this is a great talk.

Leveraging Logic as a Leader (41 minutes) - Patty McCord (former chief talent officer Netflix, now Patty McCord Consulting)
This talk is manly about honesty and truth and dealing with engineers. This talk is very funny and inspiring. I Hate Meetings (43 minutes) – Michael Lopp (Rands) (Director of Engineering at Palantir) As the title says, this talk is all about meetings. Especially the ones where no decisions are made and people are just talking without any conclusions. This is an interesting and good talk.

The talk “Nothing to Hide: Living with Complete Email Transparency” from Patrick Collison is not part of this Video compilation.

You can find more infos on the product page and at the Cultivate website.

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